Hiring An Attorney

What is a Trial Lawyer?

Many People Are Afraid To Go to Trial and Will Take a Plea.

These same people do not deserve the charges they receive and most will plead guilty out of fear. This is what the prosecutor wants but is completely unfair to the person who has to carry the burden of this charge for the rest of their life.

Many plea bargains are terrible and unfair that prey on people who simply do not know any better than what they have gotten themselves into. This is why you need an aggressive trial lawyer on your side.

Experience, Dedication and Leadership are what make a great trial attorney, and what separates Schlagel Long Rivera LLC from other attorneys.


Rivera Law, LLC has experience in State and Federal courts. We’ve handled jury trials from

Chances are, no matter what you’re charged with, we’ve been there.


As a trial attorney, you can’t rely on your experience alone. How many professional fighters just show up to a fight without training? It’s important to be dedicated to quality training from experts in the field and learning the best techniques.


To strengthen our civil rights it’s, important to share your experience and training with other attorneys. Those attorneys can go on to protect their client's rights, and in the end, everyone’s rights are protected.

What Does a Trial Lawyer Do?

You will meet with our firm to go over the case discussing your options and strategy that is going to be taken once at trial. We will examine all possible evidence, research past judicial decisions and interview witnesses connected to your case. We will then:

  • present an opening argument,
  • present evidence,
  • address the judge and interview and cross-examine witnesses.

At the end of the case we will present a compelling closing argument.

Success as a Trial Lawyer

Vincent Rivera, Kansas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Vincent Rivera, Kansas Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Rivera Law, LLC, our track record is a testament to our unwavering commitment to justice. Led by Vincent Rivera, we have a wealth of experience in both State and Federal courts. Our spectrum of handled jury trials ranges from domestic battery, DUIs, and drug possession to more severe charges such as felony charges, drug distribution, and felony homicide. No case is too big or too small, and each one receives the full weight of our expertise and dedication.

Under Vincent Rivera's leadership, we don't just navigate the complex legal system; we forge a path to success. Our victories are not merely statistical achievements; they represent lives changed, reputations salvaged, and justice served. Vincent's commitment to his clients has earned him recognition as a top-tier criminal defense lawyer and the gratitude of those he has represented.

One needs to look no further than the numerous testimonials from satisfied clients to understand the depth and breadth of Vincent's impact. Clients commend his dedication, tenacity, and expertise, which have enabled them to overcome legal obstacles and reclaim their lives. From those wrongly accused who found their freedom due to Vincent's relentless pursuit of truth, to those who found justice against the odds, the stories are both numerous and compelling.

Rivera Law, LLC is not just about legal representation; it's about championing your story, ensuring that it is heard in its entirety, without bias or presumption. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to tell their side of the story and to have that story presented in the most persuasive and authentic way possible. This is what we do best - we narrate your story, we argue your case, and we fight for your rights. Our success isn't just about courtroom victories; it's about giving a voice to those who feel unheard and defending the rights of those facing the power of the legal system.