Difference Between Diversion and Probation / Parole

What Is Diversion?

Diversion is designed for first-time offenders, and it helps keep the conviction off your record. The difference between diversion and probation is that probation is after conviction, and diversion is before conviction.

In other words, a judge finds you guilty, then he sentences you to probation, as opposed to diversion.

What Diversion Boils Down to

Diversion is an agreement between us and the prosecutor. It essentially says, "As long as you do everything you're supposed to on diversion, we will dismiss the case when you're done."

What's the Catch?

Does it sound too good to be true? There is a catch, and the catch is that youโ€™re waving all rights to contest the case when you go on diversion.

First off, we are waiving our right to have a jury trial. We're also waiving your right to contest the case, in any way, shape, or form, meaning no motions to suppress, no motions to dismiss, no self-defense, and you have to submit a written confession.

The idea is that if you do everything you're supposed to during this period of time. The case is dismissed at the end. If you mess up while you're on diversion, we have agreed to use the police reports and your confession, and hand those over to the judge. The judge will find you guilty; hence, a slam dunk conviction against you, if you violate diversion.

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Working with Rivera Law

Vinnie Rivera, Kansas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Vinnie Rivera, Kansas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorney Vincent Rivera understands that law enforcement and prosecution are often quick to pass judgments, and seldom take the time to hear the full story of the accused. He specializes in taking the time to understand your situation in its entirety, to present the whole picture to the judge and jury. This is particularly important when considering diversion. Agreeing to diversion is not just about accepting the terms laid out by the prosecution but understanding that it is an acknowledgment of guilt and waiving your rights to contest the case. With his extensive experience in both State and Federal courts, handling cases ranging from domestic battery to felony murder, he is equipped to provide the best legal counsel and representation, regardless of your charge.

A two-time recipient of the Kansas Legal Educator Award, Vincent Rivera has consistently pursued top-level training throughout his career. He has attended the National Criminal Defense College and completed REID Police interrogation training. He believes that a trial attorney canโ€™t rely on experience alone but should be dedicated to improvement through quality training from experts in the field, and learning the best techniques. This is reflected in his understanding of the intricacies of diversion and probation, ensuring that you are not hastily pushed into a decision that could affect the rest of your life.

Lastly, Vincent Rivera's commitment to his clients is reflected in the countless positive testimonials he's received. His clients praise his dedication, communication, and results-driven approach. Vincent's clients have found him to be aggressive and knowledgeable on how to best handle issues and other matters of the court. He continuously keeps his clients informed of case progress and status, showing concern for their best interests.

Should you find yourself in a situation where you're considering diversion, having an attorney like Vinnie Rivera on your side can make all the difference in ensuring that your rights are fully protected and your story is completely heard. Contact Rivera Law at (913) 210-0844 to set up an appointment today.