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Kansas Shoplifting Criminal Defense

Shoplifting is defined by Kansas Law as taking without purchase from an establishment, concealing with the intention to leave the premises of a merchant, altering, or substituting any label or price tag, transferring merchandise from one container to another, and/or disarming any alarm tag attached to the merchandise.

An example of shoplifting would be an individual visiting a mall, store, or grocery store and leaving the store with an item they did not pay for.

Shoplifting As A Misdemeanor

If the item(s) total less than $1,000 then you will be charged with a misdemeanor crime. This is the most severe misdemeanor you can receive in the state of Kansas. More than $1,000, but less than $25,000, will most like be charged as a level 9 felony.Charges filed against can also be based on the value of the item(s) stolen and your personal criminal record.

People charged with shoplifting are not always; many times they are given a fine or ticket and a court date especially if they are a resident of Kansas. If you are NOT a resident of Kansas, you will most likely be arrested and be given a bond.

Theft Criminal Charges

Theft is to act in a way that intends to deprive the owner permanently of the possession, to use or benefit of the ownerโ€™s property, taking control of someone else's property by exerting control, through deception, or by threat. Also obtaining property that you know to be stolen by another.

Charges for theft depend on how you take the property, the value of the property in question, and possibly your personal criminal history.

Theft As A Felony in Kansas

Most theft charges in Kansas will result in a felony charge. Theft of $1,000 or more and/or if you have been convicted of theft two or more times you will be charged with a felony. The merchant who is stolen from can also file a civil action and shall be entitled to a civil penalty that can be up to twice the value of the stolen product.

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