Vinnie Rivera, Kansas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Kansas Criminal Defense Attorney

Vinnie Rivera is a Kansas criminal defense attorney. He focuses on federal and state criminal charges.

Vinnie is made for the job as a trial lawyer. He is considered a shrewd and cunning negotiator, but also personable, persuasive, and gets along well with other lawyers and judges in the community.

He possesses finesse that allows for confrontation and assertiveness while maintaining an open line of communication with the prosecution, judge and jury.

He excels in communication skills as well–both verbal and written. These are skills absolutely critical to being a great criminal defense trial lawyer.

Vinnie Rivera at the Johnson County Courthouse

You Are Not Defined By The Criminal Charges Against You.

If you or someone you know has become involved in the criminal process, the knowledge and practical experience of your criminal defense lawyer is paramount to securing the best possible outcome.

Vinnie Rivera provides skilled criminal defense aimed at protecting your rights and future. From Rivera Law Office in Olathe, KS we serve clients throughout the entire state of Kansas.

Facing criminal charges is a serious situation for anyone. Whether a person is being accused of a felony or a misdemeanor, the penalties that result from a criminal trial often impact the rest of your life.

Jail time, fines, and a damaged reputation are the repercussions criminal defense attorney Vinnie Rivera fights to prevent you from unfairly facing.

Criminal Charges

Federal Crimes
Drug Crimes
Domestic Violence criminal charges
White collar crime in handcuffs
Forgery Criminal Charges
Firearm Criminal Charges
Arson Criminal Charges
Juvenile Criminal Charges
Vinnie Rivera, Kansas Criminal Defense Lawyer
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    "I want to thank you for your service and give a 100% recommendation! Mr Rivera will not only give his heart and soul in the courtroom but he also does the little things like calling back the client in a timely manner.

    If you don't hire him for representation I would say you are making a huge mistake. Thank you and God bless you and your family Mr Rivera."

    Tony W.


    I truly feel Vincent is probably the only lawyer who is actually on defendants side. I have dealt with several attorneys from state to federal. Vincent has been the ONLY attorney who I've crossed that has no judgement with the determination of making sure his client gets the best outcome.

    Most definitely recommend VINCENT RIVERA!!!!"

    Megan Gardner
    "I would like to thank Mr. Rivera for a job well down. the Porter Family thank you for representing our brother. You are a GOD sent messenger for those who is wrongly accused. i would recommend you to all that need a lawyer that will not give up on the clients. Again thank you so very much."
    Patricia Martin
    "When I hired Vinnie in a time of stress from court proceedings, I found him to be aggressive and knowledge on how to best handle issues and other matters of the court. He continued to keep me informed of case progress and status. He seemed concerned regarding my best interest and concerns about the case.

    In times of stress, you want someone who cares about your case and represents you aggressively. Look you already have enough stress in your life, you'll want someone who will actually fight for you in court and represent you adequately."

    Jeff K.
    "Mr. Rivera was able to take on my case at very short notice. His work was thorough, of excellent quality, and his kind demeanor eased a difficult situation."
    Farrell Hoy Jenab
    "Vinnie Rivera is one of if not the best criminal defense lawyer in Johnson County, Kansas. I've had numerous cases against him and must say that his clients are always in great hands. He knows the law, he knows how to work in the courtroom and he's not afraid to try and win BIG cases. He's not a cheapo lawyer but he is worth every penny he charges, because he gets the job done! I would send any client charged with a crime, from murder charges to federal crimes, all the way to misdemeanors and DWI/DUI to Vincent."
    Ryan Krupp