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Vinnie Rivera is a Kansas criminal defense attorney. He focuses on federal and state criminal charges.

He is made for the job as a trial lawyer. He is considered a shrewd and cunning negotiator, but also personable, persuasive, and gets along well with other lawyers and judges in the community. Vincent possesses finesse that allows for confrontation and assertiveness while maintaining an open line of communication with the prosecution, judge and jury.

Vincent excels in communication skills as well–both verbal and written. These are skills absolutely critical to being a great trial lawyer.

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Vincent created a video series that explains some of the most common criminal defense questions. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime this website has a vast amount of information that explains many laws and consequences.

If you need immediate help call Vinnie now at (913) 210-0844

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5 Star Client Review

When I hired Vincent in a time of stress from court proceedings, I found him to be aggressive and knowledge on how to best handle issues and other matters of the court. He continued to keep me informed of case progress and status. He seemed concerned regarding my best interest and concerns about the case. In times of stress, you want someone who cares about your case and represents you aggressively. Look you already have enough stress in your life, you'll want someone who will actually fight for you in court and represent you adequately.

Jeff K.
5 Star Client Review

Vincent Rivera took on my appeal for a case I was convicted of last year, early 2018. My sentence was just overturned and vacated! Vinny was super professional, adamant and swift about motions submitted to courts and handling my overall case. He kept me informed throughout the process and always returned calls or emails. Thanks again Vinny! I’m grateful for the win. Highly recommend to anyone looking to appeal or fight a case. Vincent will handle the business or matter of concern.

Darrick W.
5 Star Client Review
I want to thank you for your service and give a 100% recommendation! Mr Rivera will not only give his heart and soul in the courtroom but he also does the little things like calling back the client in a timely manner. If you don't hire him for representation I would say you are making a huge mistake. Thank you and God bless you and your family Mr Rivera.
Tony W.
5 Star Client Review

Great attorney really knows how to do his job. He knows how to put legal terms into ways for you to understand which is great. I’d send anyone to him for representation.

Garon B.

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success as a trial lawyer

Won a jury trial against THE County Attorney. Felony DUI jury trial, that included cross-examining KBI expert witness, and cross-examining a surprise rebuttal witness.

Case theory: drinking occurred at Defendant’s residence, after he drove. Client remains felony free.


My client and a friend were standing outside a motel entrance. An officer, acting without any indication of criminal activity, conducted a “pedestrian check.” Soon multiple officers arrived, and unconstitutionally subjected the men to search after search after search, none of which produced any incriminating evidence. Eventually, the officers obtained “consent” to search their room where drugs were found.

After appealing the District Court’s ruling, the Kansas Court of Appeals agreed the eventual search of the motel room was unconstitutional. The Court’s opinion can be read at:


During SFSTs, client clearly told officers that he had medical problems which would prevent him from performing the tests. Officer’s didn’t care, and arrested him based on his performance, no breath test. Based on a letter from the client’s doctor, which said there is no way client could perform the tests the State dismissed the felony. We plead to traffic infractions, unsupervised probation, and no jail time.


Represented a client who had 4 co-defendants, all co-defendants had council with 10+ years of experience. All codefendants plead to criminal charges. Noting the lack of evidence I encouraged my client to take the matter through prelim. After hearing the evidence, the Judge found there was no probable cause and the case was dismissed.