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Mr. Rivera is a solid advocate. I would not think twice about sending a family member or friend to his firm for representation.Brandan Davies
Great attorney really knows how to do his job. He knows how to put legal terms into ways for you to understand which is great. I’d send anyone to him for representation.Garon Beer

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Vincent Rivera Johnson County Criminal Defense

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Won a jury trial against THE County Attorney. Felony DUI jury trial, that included cross-examining KBI expert witness, and cross-examining a surprise rebuttal witness.

Case theory: drinking occurred at Defendant’s residence, after he drove. Client remains felony free.

At jury trial, client acquitted of possession with intent to distribute. Facts: after a brief car chase, client was charged with drug distribution, for 9 baggies of drugs found around the corner from the stop/arrest.

Jurors acquitted based largely upon the sloppy evidence preservation by officers, as highlighted through cross-examination.


My client and a friend were standing outside a motel entrance. An officer, acting without any indication of criminal activity, conducted a “pedestrian check.” Soon multiple officers arrived, and unconstitutionally subjected the men to search after search after search, none of which produced any incriminating evidence. Eventually, the officers obtained “consent” to search their room where drugs were found.

After appealing the District Court’s ruling, the Kansas Court of Appeals agreed the eventual search of the motel room was unconstitutional. The Court’s opinion can be read at:


During SFSTs, client clearly told officers that he had medical problems which would prevent him from performing the tests. Officer’s didn’t care, and arrested him based on his performance, no breath test. Based on a letter from the client’s doctor, which said there is no way client could perform the tests the State dismissed the felony. We plead to traffic infractions, unsupervised probation, and no jail time.