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Why Use A Trial Lawyer?

Many people are afraid to go to trial and will take a plea. These same people do not deserve the charges they receive and most will plead guilty out of fear. This is what the prosecutor wants but is completely unfair to the person who has to carry the burden of this charge for the rest of their lives.

Many plea bargains are terrible and unfair that prey on people who simply do not know any better than what they have gotten themselves into.

Call criminal defense attorney Vincent Rivera because he will know the subtle details that can make or break your case.

Do not accept that felony charge that can strip away your rights and haunt you for the rest of your life.

Vincent Rivera is made for the job as a criminal defense trial lawyer.

Vincent is considered a shrewd and cunning negotiator, but also personable, persuasive, and gets along well with other lawyers and judges in the community.

Vincent possesses finesse that allows for confrontation and assertiveness while maintaining an open line of communication with the prosecution, judge and jury.

Vincent excels in communication skills as well–both verbal and written. These are skills absolutely critical to being a great trial lawyer.

What Does A Trial Lawyer Do?

You will meet with Vincent Rivera to  go over the case discussing your options and the strategy that is going to be taken once at trial. He will examine all possible evidence, research past judicial decisions and interview witnesses connected to your case.

He will the present his opening argument, present evidence, address the judge and interview and cross examine witnesses. At the end of the case Vincent will present a compelling closing argument.

If you or a loved has been charged with a crime call Vincent Rivera immediately at 913-210-0844 for a free consultation. Criminal charges can have serious consequences and be life altering. Do not hesitate to call Vinnie right away at 913-210-0844

Notable Success As A Trial Lawyer

“To sell? Or not to sell.”

Client acquitted in a jury for criminal threat.

Facts: client was incarcerated in solitary confinement, where he allegedly threatened a correctional officer. During jury trial the State was able to come up with little evidence to support their allegations. During the Defense’s case, jurors heard from two witnesses who showed that no threats were made.

Opening statement, involved recreating a solitary confinement cell with limited props, verbal imagery and storytelling.

“Think outside the box.”

At jury trial, client acquitted of possession with intent to distribute.

Facts: after a brief car chase, client was charged with drug distribution, for 9 baggies of drugs found around the corner from the stop/arrest.

Through cross examination I was able to highlight the sloppy evidence preservation by officers, which ended up being a crucial factor in the jury’s decision.

“David versus Goliath.”

Won a jury trial against THE County Attorney.

Felony DUI jury trial, that included cross examining KBI expert witness, and cross examining a surprise rebuttal witness. Case theory: drinking occurred at Defendant’s residence, after he drove.

Client remains felony free.

“One of the best closings I have ever heard.”

Acquitted client of felony aggravated battery, where client faced a 5 year prison sentence.

Client was accused of punching “victim” causing substantial facial injury, and a broken ankle upon collapsing. Case theory: client never hit “victim”, and injuries were caused when she drunkenly fell.

Trial included cross examining emergency room doctor, who was also allowed to testify as a “martial arts expert.” Defense retained a plastic surgeon expert witness. After trial, the Judge told me that I gave one of the best closing arguments she has ever heard.

Trial Advocacy Experience

Kansas Public Service Advocacy Skills Program, Hays, Kansas 
Student (October 2011)

  • Three days of intensive trial advocacy training
  • Worked in small groups, lead by the top notch attorneys from Kansas and Colorado.
  • Received extensive feedback, critiques, and mentoring on cross-examination, direct-examination, objections, impeachment, and closing arguments.

National Criminal Defense College, Macon, Georgia 
Student (June 2010)

  • Two weeks of intensive trial advocacy training
  • Worked in small groups, lead by the best defense attorneys in the country.
  • Received extensive feedback, critiques, and mentoring on opening statements, cross-examination, direct-examination, objections, impeachment, and closing arguments.

Washburn Law Trial Advocacy Competition Team, Topeka, Kansas 
Team member (Fall 2008 – Spring 2009)

  • Chosen to compete in the Texas Young Lawyers Association (February 2008, 2009) and ABA Employment Law (November 2008) competitions

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