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If you have been arrested and charged with selling, possessing, manufacturing or distribution of drugs call Vincent Rivera immediately at (913) 210-0844. Schedule a free consultation with Vincent immediately so he can walk you through the criminal justice process step by step. Vincent has successfully negotiated reduced charges, reduced sentences and has even been able to get drug charges dismissed altogether.

If you are arrested for a drug crime or a crime where drugs are involved, call Vincent Rivera immediately at (913) 210-0844 to set up a free consultation. Drug convictions can have serious life altering punishments. They carry long lasting consequences on many things including being able to obtain employment in the future.

Drug laws are extensive and cover a wide range of charges from cultivating, possession, distribution, manufacture and paraphernalia.

Kansas has very tough drug charges and hands out harsh sentences and punishments to drug offenders. If convicted the sentence that someone will receive is determined by a number of variables, including, but not limited to: prior criminal history; location (within 1000 feet of a school increases the potential sentence); and how much of the drug is involved.

Vincent Rivera specializes in criminal defense for drug charges including:

Crack cocaine,
Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth),
and Prescription Drugs.

Charges, sentencing and laws can be read in detail in the sections on this page.

If you have a child or teenager who has been charged or arrested for drug use, possession or distribution lean more on our Juvenile Crimes page.

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