Vincent Rivera,
Criminal Defense Attorney

The reasons I chose to be a criminal defense lawyer are difficult to put into words.

It’s the feeling I get when I see somebody’s car pulled over and they watch helplessly as their property is searched. I wonder: was there a legitimate reason for the stop? Did they consent to the search?

When I hear on the news that a suspect is taken into custody, my first thoughts are: How did they get to be a suspect in the first place? Will they be intimidated into surrendering their rights? Do they really understand the Miranda warning? What coercive interrogation tactics will be used? Promises? Threats? Lies?

If a case does make it to trial: Will the judge and jury really presume the Defendant is innocent? What extra credibility will they give an accuser's testimony over the Defendants? Will the jury truly not use the Defendant’s silence as an inference of guilt?

If someone is sentenced to prison: What kind of person will they be when they complete their sentence? Once they have paid their debt to society, the stigma of being a ‘felon’ will forever haunt them, taking away their right to vote, bear arms and eligibility for countless jobs. Is this really in the public’s best interest?

These are my thoughts and some of feelings that inspired me to become a Kansas criminal defense lawyer, and continue to drive me everyday to defend our rights.

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